Starry Night Kit (4 Projects)


Young Astronomers discover the Night Sky!

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In our Starry Night STEAM kit, the Young Astronomer will race across the Milky Way to explore the universe, the moon, and stars through awesome hands-on career related projects in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Engineering and Art, along with our exciting teacher-led videos. Discover what it takes to be an astronaut and learn about NASA's plans to put the first woman on the moon by 2022 and build a long-term base camp by 2024!

In this project-based mission (4 separate projects plus instruction):

  • Build a Rover Robot to explore the moon and learn about Sojourner, Oppie, and Perseverance rovers
  • Make a Moon Phase Game, explore with a Moon Torch, and discover how the moon orbits the earth
  • Draw and color a Cat Astronaut
  • Construct a Constellation Medallion to learn about star constellations and Greek Mythology
  • Tackle Universe mazes
  • Make Moon Cookies with your family
  • Discover strange galactic worlds and planets beyond our solar system\

For Ages 6-12 independently (some help needed on Rover project)