Galactic Adventures Kit (6 Projects)


Young Astronomers discover the Universe!

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Race across the Milky Way with hands-on projects to explore the universe and galaxies far away! Your Galactic Adventures STEAM kit has hands-on career related projects in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Engineering, and Art. Young Astronomers will study our solar system, discover planets, nebulas, stars, constellations, and construct robots and rocket ships!

In this project-based mission (6 separate projects plus instruction):

  • Investigate heavenly bodies and make a Clay Model of our solar system
  • Create a 3D Rocketship Diorama
  • Construct a Geoboard, assemble a Star Finder Guide and learn Constellations
  • Build a Solar Rover to traverse the Universe
  • Make a Galaxy in a Jar
  • Discover the Galaxy of Horrors
  • Bake Galaxy Cookies with your family

Ages 6-9 w/Adult help and Ages 9-12 Independently.