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What’s in the Box?

With your subscription each month, your child receives a THEMED kit that includes career-related STEAM projects and lessons (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & MATH). Our dynamic teacher-led videos show how to make each project and teach exciting lessons in academic disciplines, inspiring at-home learners to be creative problem solvers of the future.

Some of the things you might find in the kit are…

Everything Your Child Needs to Get Started!

  • Welcome Letter!
  •  Access  to Teacher-Led Video Lessons and Projects on VIMEO
  • STEAM4Kidz Overview Card
  • Kit Theme Cards for Child and Parent
  • Individual Project Cards
  • All Supplies for Art, Science and Engineering Projects

THEME Cards for Each Kit

  •  Child Theme Card with Descriptions of the Theme (Galactic Adventures, Ocean Explorers, Mini-Theatre, Toy Designer…) 
  • Adventure Briefing of the Kit
  • Pictures of Each Project and Tic-Tack-Toe Game
  • Extra Resources to Extend Learning
  • What Kids Are Learning From Project & Related Career Field
  • More Themes to Explore With Subscription Options
  • Parent Theme Card With Descriptions & Learning Objectives

Individual PROJECT Cards

  • Picture of the Project & Directions
  • Materials/Supplies Listed On Card
  • Fun Facts About the Project  or Theme
  • Project Learning Objectives
  • Critical Thinking Questions to Ask Your Child


  • Who We Are
  • What Is  Our Purpose
  • Academic and Enrichment Benefits
  • What We Offer, Subscription Program
  • What Makes Us Different
  • What  Kids Learn  

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Our monthly STEAM Kits are filled with rich lessons and fun projects that teach kids about Biology, Astronomy, Oceanography, Art & Design, Engineering, History, Chemistry, Horticulture, Medicine, Forensics, Food science, Paleontology, and more… Every kit has Art, Science & Engineering projects with teacher-led videos. STEAM4Kidz delivers academic enrichment for children through discovery-based independent, self-paced learning!