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hands-on, minds-on  STEAM enrichment kits for at home learners ages 6-12

STEAM-based Project Kits for Kids –

Delivered Right to your door!

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM)

Give the at-home learners in your life a head start with a STEAM education. STEAM4Kidz kits deliver hands-on projects, in a variety of subjects, right into your home.

Our kits, designed for ages 6-12, are fun, standards-based and filled with career-related projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM).  

Everything your child needs is here – all project materials, instructional videos and a handy tool bag are included with each kit, so getting started is easy.

Our kits are designed so that kids can complete most projects independently, using the project materials provided while following along with engaging teacher-led project videos.  Just open the box, start the video and your learner is on their way!

When each project is complete, parents can use the questions on the back of the enclosed project card to engage their child in a Critical Thinking Process that helps them fully understand the curriculum.

Our STEAM Enrichment Kits are great  for Homeschool Education, too!

Our STEAM Kits teach children about these exciting fields:

  • Art & Design
  • Archeology
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Cultures
  • Engineering
  • Forensics
  • History
  • Medicine
  • Oceanography
  • Paleontology
  • Theater Arts
  • And more…

Learn to examine and experiment to discover how SCIENCE works.

Develop design-thinking and innovation through ART & TECHNOLOGY

Increase critical thinking skills through ENGINEERING & MATH.

Embrace your child’s sense of adventure…every kit is a fun-filled SURPRISE! 

Packed with new challenges and exciting opportunities for at-home learning.

Our kits includes all supplies and materials needed for each project!

Ready to start?
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Our STEAM Kits Include:

  • Themed  project activities with career-related projects + stimulating lessons 

  • Instructor-led videos online for a child’s independent and self-paced learning

  • Science Experiments and Lab Equipment, Art Supplies and everything else you need

  • Engineering, make or build projects

  • Art, Sewing, Culinary or Nature Craft activities

  • ALL materials and supplies for projects

  • Learning objectives for each project

  • Follow up activities for extended learning

  • Critical thinking questions to ask your child

Discover, Create, Make…

Construct, Investigate, Build…



Galactic Adventures, Starry Night Far Away, Fantasy Aliens, Mini-Theatre, Toy Inventor, Pirates of the High Seas, Ocean Explorers, Light Artists, Music Makers, Ocean Ventures and more!   

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Accelerate your child’s learning with at-home STEAM education.


Designed by experts and “kid-tested”, our curriculum aligns
with the National Standards for Education, bringing hands-on, minds-on enrichment and learning into your home.



STEAM4Kidz difference

Career-related Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math projects + teacher-led video lessons create a dynamic learning environment rich with experiences that encourage curiosity, stimulate thinking, and provoke questions. Kids LOVE our curriculum and programs!

Our programs inspire kids to be thinkers! When a project is finished, parents or caregivers are encouraged to participate in the Critical Thinking Process by asking their child questions about the process and not just the end result.  Each project card has sample questions and discussion prompts.

Our teacher-led videos provide lessons on the kit THEME as well as videos for creating each project. This methodology allows kids to progress at their own pace, meet the learning objectives for that kit, and give parents a break. Great for Home-School education!

Hours of Learning, Hours of Fun

Think outside the box…be curious…try out new things…
discover what you don’t know…

That is inquiry-based learning, where science, technology, engineering, art and math come together for real world learning. Get the STEAM education your eager learner deserves today!

Turn the video games off and let the fun begin

Start with our fun and engaging STEAM curriculum in attractively packed kits and teacher-led videos, and your child can have hours of independent learning.

Give your child a STEAM Kit, turn on the video and off they go… learning on their own!

If parents want to join in and learn too, no problem, but NOT needed!

What Parents Say

If you are looking for a fun and educational hands-on project kit for your child, I cannot recommend the Mini-Theater Kit from STEAMKIDZ enough.  It is a great addition to our homeschool and I am so pleased we received it!

Katheryn Cummins, Mom


Fun and Engaging! 

Beth Praska, Mom


I love that I can give my child her kit, turn on the computer knowing she is getting QUALITY online learning time and I get a BREAK!


My daughter has been having so much fun with one of the project kits for kids from STEAM4KIDZ called the Starry Night Kit.

Amy DeGeorge, Mom


These projects were simple enough that my kids were able to complete them on their own. I was hands off and just observed.

Karen Honderich, Mom

I was blown away by the contents of the box. Our kit contained five projects. The materials were so organized and good quality.

Yvonne Billian, Mom

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